What do you do when you just can't get enough of cybersecurity? One way to solve issues like that is to bring like-minded people together and do something cool, interesting and beneficial together.

During the year 2020 we (Marcus Söderblom and Jani Räty) formed the Blue Team Builders (BTB) community, which focuses on building and presenting various kind of different information security related projects. The aim of the BTB group is to promote awareness of various Free or Open Source information security Systems and applications (FOSS).

Blue Team in the field of information security means defensive security – in general or as a group. Compare this to Red Team which correspondingly means offensive information security [or a group]. Builders describes our principles; to build something [secure information systems].

BTB community aims to provide opportunities for people working in or interested in information security to present their projects, be inspired, ask questions and receive peer support for implementing their own projects.

The target is also to lower the threshold for busy professionals to become familiar with open source systems and applications, set an example of success and provide lightweight models of implementations for business. We hope that sharing projects will encourage participants to start their own project and thus increase their own skills.

Community principles

BTB activities are carried out by publishing various security-related blogs, articles, reports and videos, as well as organizing occasional live meetings and webinars, to which anyone interested are welcome and where anyone can present their own projects. The aim is to bring like-minded people together and promote awareness and learning and a forum for discussion and exchange of information. The BTB values are inclusiveness, equality and resisting unnecessary formality. All projects and participants are equally important. We believe that demand for such activities exists and freeware or open source systems are of widespread interest. In 2022, Blue Team Builders was recognized by Finnish Information Security Association as one The Information Security Phenomenon of 2022.

The activities are carried out on a pro bono publico basis, i.e. on a voluntary basis, without any commercial purposes. No tickets for meetings are being sold and no lecture fees are being paid, at least for the time being. Sponsorship is welcome and it can be used to provide e.g. meeting facilities and refreshments.

If you feel that you are a like-minded individual who would like to come and share others how you deployed your own freeware or open source system, then please get in touch. Blue Team Builders is the right forum for you! You may of course only join our events and share your thoughts as well. We write articles on BTB's LinkedIn pages and from there you can also check the date and topic for our next BTB meeting. Our previously recorded videos, webinars and gatherings can be seen on BTB's YouTube channel.

Stay safe & build hard!


Blue Team Builders